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Holland Car Care Is the Best Independent Car Repair Service in Silicon Valley for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Lexus. | San Carlos: (650) 453-3531 | San Mateo: (650) 344-8815
The best car repair service in Silicon Valley for Mercedes, BMW, MINI, Audi, and Lexus.
The superior alternative to expensive dealer service, we keep your car running longer at a lower cost.
Only experienced specialists with 20+ years of experience.
Our San Carlos and San Mateo locations are less than a mile from US-101. Free rentals and shuttle service quickly get you where you need to go.
Don't trust the dealer estimate? Call us for a friendly quote!
Bring your co-pilot in for a doggie treat!
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Audi • BMW • Mercedes • MINI • Lexus • Volvo

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The best independent car repair service in the Peninsula & Silicon Valley

  • Technical Expertise

    ASE-certified technicians and mechanics with at least 20 years experience each (unlike typical dealerships)

  • Quality

    Top quality parts & state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment just like a dealership

  • Customer Service

    The best service writers in the business with unmatched integrity and customer service

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Over 100+ 5-star Yelp reviews!

  • Reputation 

    Other service shops send us the cars too tough for them to solve!

  • Convenience 

    2 convenient locations in the Peninsula (San Carlos, San Mateo) with free car loaners and shuttles

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Holland Car Care has over 100 five star reviews on Yelp.


Customer Testimonials

  • So when was the last time you could use the words "thoughtful, caring and transparent" in regard to your auto service center? Took care of my BMW and now my Mercedes. Fairly priced, and a tenacious attitude toward solving whatever the problem is with your vehicle. See David, the servicewriter,  to really understand what, why, and how with your car.

    Robert C.
  • The guys here are the best! Special kudos to Sean who has always been honest and up front with me and making sure my German cars are kept in good shape. I have taken my BMWs, my wife's Audi and my dad's BMW to get serviced here. They are cheaper than the dealers and I trust them 100% as other reviewers here have attested to. Unlike the dealer and their long appointments days out in advance, these guys are always able to take in my car to take a look at and have a service loaner if I need one.Thanks guys and kudos to HOLLAND CAR CARE!

    David L.
  • I love this place!!  I have been to this shop several times due to a check engine light coming on repeatedly and Sean and Mike were honest, helpful, and efficient.  For longer work, they even provided a loaner car in the meantime so no time was wasted.  Thank you Holland Car Care--  you guys are the best!!!!   Highly recommend.

    Tracy R.
  • I have been bringing my cars (BMWs, Volvos) here for years, and have always enjoyed fabulous service.

    Posey B.
  • After trying 5 different mechanics including Peter Pan nobody could find the problem with my X5 4.8is.  Mark told me that he will find the issue to my surprise he was correct.  My X5 is perfect. Now my M roadster is next.  I highly recommend Holland to all my friends and family.  Excellent service and fair pricing.

    Gabriel D.
  • We've been very pleased with bringing our car to Holland Car Care.  They solved our brake problem that the Lexus dealer could not (or would not) address.  Sean and the team or super nice and honest and go out of their way to work with your schedule.  Great place to take your vehicle for service.

    Sanford D.
  • They are the BEST !!! I was looking for great customer service and quality of work on my car without paying a lot of money. Mark took good care of me.  This is a place I feel comfortable sending my friends and family.  Last time I came in I got my water pump done. The service was really quick and I am very grateful for that. Also they offered me a courtesy car. Thanks you so much for taking care of my car!

    Rommy B.
  • The folks at Holland Car Care have always been responsive and responsible. I have been going for about 7 years with my 330i and, in the last year, my wife has started bringing her SLK 320. Only the repairs you need and the quality of work has been great. And Shawn has been great!

    Paul K.
  • Top notch - I highly recommend this service. I get my 2006 BMW X5 serviced and repaired here and I have to say that I think I finally found a shop that I can completely trust. The whole team is great - Shawn, the manager, is a really great guy and always provides a very thorough analysis and recommendation. Although, there may be several issues with the car, he'll tell me which ones need to be repaired and which ones can wait.

    Phil K.
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Have a question? Call our experts at (650) 453-3531


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IntegrityNO EXTRA ADD-ONS The cost of dealer-based service is driven by the overhead of the entire dealership. Holland technicians are as knowledgeable as any you will find, and will only recommend the maintenance and service needed for your vehicle’s optimal safety, performance and longevity.


ExperienceMASTER CRAFTSMEN Serving an area where any one of our clients may actually be a rocket scientist, Holland technicians are geniuses in their own right. No interns. No apprentices. Combined, our technicians have nearly 100 years of experience between them. Work gets done quickly, and is right the first time.

EXPERT DIAGNOSTICS Holland Car Care uses the same state-of-the art diagnostic equipment found in the BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo dealerships.


communicationALWAYS IN THE LOOP We know that being without your car can be frustrating. The Holland team adheres to a disciplined, proactive and highly-responsive communication protocol. Service writers quickly relay accurate diagnosis and strive to make repair time as least disruptive on your daily routine as possible.


convenienceGETTING ON WITH YOUR DAY Unbound by territorial restrictions of dealerships, Holland’s San Carlos and San Mateo locations were chosen primarily for the maximum convenience of our customers. Both shops are just minutes off of US-101. Free rental car and shuttle services help you get on your way quickly. Starbucks and shopping centers are just a short walk from our San Carlos shop, as is commuter rail from our San Mateo location. Free Wi-Fi and Starbucks coffee is also available in our waiting areas.

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Building Trust for Over 40 Years

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MON – FRI: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM


(650) 344-8815

22 South Claremont Street
San Mateo, CA 94401


(650) 453-3531

1380 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070

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