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Is it Really Work When You Love it?

The Keys to Becoming a Make-Specific Mechanic Everybody knows the workday goes faster and is more pleasurable when you enjoy what you do. For some people, however, the job crosses from likeable career to full blown passion. If you love working in the automotive repair industry and obsess over your favorite make of car, you […]

Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Clouds

Common Issues for Volkswagen Drivers Perhaps you’ve heard the local TV or radio meteorologist say that a particular day will be mostly sunny with a chance of clouds. That means that the weather is going to be nice, but there may be an occasional lull in your suntan efforts. Volkswagen reliability and performance are really […]

Popular Porsche, Popular Repairs, Popular Shop

Common Porsche Repairs Almost every auto enthusiast has at some point considered what it would be like to drive a Porsche, making it one of the most popular and envied cars in the world. In fact, it’s been an icon of performance for decades. As desirable as it is, however, the Porsche has some repairs […]

Know Your Number System: Keeping Up with Your BMW’s Maintenance Schedule

Understanding the BMW Inspection I and II Services Whether you purchased your BMW new or used, you’re probably in love with your car. Therefore, you want to keep it running well. The manufacturer has made it easy for you to know what to do to keep your vehicle in great shape. In fact, it’s as […]

Meeee-owww: Jaguar Automobiles Through the Years

The History of Jaguar Most of us are familiar with the jaguar, the gorgeous spotted cat native to the Americas. With a lightning fast running speed of 50 miles per hour, a muscular build, and long life span even in the wild, this is no ordinary domestic housecat. Similarly, the Jaguar automobile is no ordinary […]

On a Roll: Volvo Through the Years

The History of Volvo Known for safety, quality, and style, the Volvo name translates as “I roll” from its Latin origin. The company has been on that roll since April 14, 1927. That’s the day the first auto departed the Gothenburg, Sweden, factory. Since then, the manufacturer has turned out millions of units loved by […]