Customers Say...

Chris C.

Holland Car Care is by far the best service shop that I have ever done business with. We have an older Mercedes which has its share of repair and maintenance issues. The only reason we keep this car, vs. trading it in for something newer, is that we know there’s a trusted repair shop we can call on to get it repaired quickly, with quality, and at a more than fair price. We also have new (1 year old) AMG Mercedes that we prefer to take to Holland for routine maintenance, vs. a dealer, because, again, we know Holland will always do a great job at a fair price.

Tina T.

My CLK has been cared for by Shawn and his crew for the last 4 years.  She is a very happy car.  They are honest and upfront with pricing, oh yeah…and a lot cheaper than going to Mercedes for service!  That’s why I’ve made the trek from San Francisco – so worth it!

Rommy B.

They are the BEST !!! I was looking for great customer service and quality of work on my car without paying a lot of money. Mark took good care of me.  This is a place I feel comfortable sending my friends and family.  Last time I came in I got my water pump done. The service was really quick and I am very grateful for that. Also they offered me a courtesy car. Thanks you so much for taking care of my car!

Robert C.

So when was the last time you could use the words “thoughtful, caring and transparent” in regard to your auto service center? Took care of my BMW and now my Mercedes. Fairly priced, and a tenacious attitude toward solving whatever the problem is with your vehicle. See David, the servicewriter,  to really understand what, why, and how with your car.

Matt Z.

Took the ’93 Mercedes for an oil change. Nice guys. They’re fast and fair. Didn’t try to oversell me a bunch of crap just helpful and informative. I may have found my cars new Dr… Nice shop btw.

David L.

The guys here are the best! Special kudos to Sean who has always been honest and up front with me and making sure my German cars are kept in good shape. I have taken my BMWs, my wife’s Audi and my dad’s BMW to get serviced here. They are cheaper than the dealers and I trust them 100% as other reviewers here have attested to. Unlike the dealer and their long appointments days out in advance, these guys are always able to take in my car to take a look at and have a service loaner if I need one.Thanks guys and kudos to HOLLAND CAR CARE!

Phil K.

Top notch – I highly recommend this service. I get my 2006 BMW X5 serviced and repaired here and I have to say that I think I finally found a shop that I can completely trust. The whole team is great – Shawn, the manager, is a really great guy and always provides a very thorough analysis and recommendation. Although, there may be several issues with the car, he’ll tell me which ones need to be repaired and which ones can wait.

Jenny P.

Through 6 or 7 of our cars and and the past 12-14 years……this place has preformed flawlessly for us. Shawn makes it SUPERB! With their new location we no longer have to make the trek to San Mateo. The new additional location is in San Carlos is much closer for us. Their drop off area is open 24-7, safe, and accessible with a tow truck which is critical seeing how we always end up breaking down at midnight or on the weekend. Shawn is extremely helpful, and we always feel he solves what ever puzzle ends up with our best interest in hand. We recently had a fuel issue on our new Audi Q7 TDI that was a potentiall 10-14k bill. After we agreed to pay for the bill Shawn continued to research the problem and solutions. In the end he saved us over 10k. And he sold us a great warranty so we will not end up in this situation again. We thought with a brand new Audi why would we need a warranty…….huge mis-sight on our part. Thanks for the save Shawn. Holland can do everything the dealer can including recalls and warranty issues.

Tracy R.

I love this place!!  I have been to this shop several times due to a check engine light coming on repeatedly and Sean and Mike were honest, helpful, and efficient.  For longer work, they even provided a loaner car in the meantime so no time was wasted.  Thank you Holland Car Care–  you guys are the best!!!!   Highly recommend.

Posey B.

I have been bringing my cars (BMWs, Volvos) here for years, and have always enjoyed fabulous service.

Ed T.

Awesome and friendly customer service. They evaluated my slipping clutch. No charge. The only reason I did not use them was that I convinced the dealer to cover replacement under warranty. Definitely my go-to garage for the future.


Every visit is efficient and professional and there are no surprises — they always call you if additional work is needed.

From EC

David provided me with outstanding service. He waited for me after closing time to pick up my car.

“Loved the professionalism at this place.  Price was reasonable for regular maintenance and they weren’t pushy about repair options.”

“First time at shop. Went to San Carlos – beautiful and clean shop; quick, friendly service. Delivered our car to our home when finished. Reasonable prices. Great experience.”

“Holland Car Care has exceeded my expectations! Best customer service I have ever received from a car repair shop. I will definitely be taking my car back to them.”