Independent vs. Dealer

Holland Car Care’s reputation has been built over 40 years based on trust here in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula. We are the experts in Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI, Lexus, and Volvo car repairs.

Many of our customers have come to us based on terrible quality, service, and high costs that they received at a dealer. Here are some of the reasons:

Better Price

  • A study by the famous car repair radio show CarTalk found that the average repair by a dealership is $320 higher than an independent auto repair shop
  • A survey done by showed that over 80% of the respondents felt that they were overcharged at a dealership. 59% claimed they were overcharged at least $200, and nearly 20% claiming that they were overcharged more than $500.

Higher Quality & Better Service

  • Our service technicians are experts who are truly passionate about their craft. They have over 20 years of experience on average. Dealer techs often have only a few years of experience.
  • Our techs are certified in a variety of technical areas and are constantly learning new skills and information. Training is very important for everyone at Holland Car Care.
  • Independent auto repair shops can have the same, state-of-the-art automotive repair tools, equipment and information systems as the dealerships. In many cases, the independent auto repair shop’s technology and diagnostic equipment actually surpasses the equipment found in typical dealership service departments.


  • Holland Car Care has built a reputation on providing our valued customers with the highest-quality service based on knowledge, integrity, and trust for over 40 years.


  •  A common misconception surrounding car repairs is that you must go to the dealer in order to be under warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act legally authorizes independent auto repair shops to service and repair your vehicle right from the showroom floor WITHOUT it affecting your warranty.

We are not a hard sell, and will never, ever recommend or perform unneeded service.
Please contact us for a free estimate and discover why Holland Car Care is the Dealer Alternative.